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Request for Meter Testing - Form 12

  1. Town & Country Utilities, Babcock Ranch Water Utilities as operated by Town & Country Utilities and
  2. Request
    I hereby request Babcock Ranch Water Utilities to test my water meter in accordance with the guidelines established for used water meters by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The Meter Testing Fee shall appear on my next billing statement. If the meter tests accurate, I shall forfeit the meter testing fee.
  3. If the meter does not meet AWWA accuracy standards, BRWU shall credit the meter testing fee to my next water bill along with a credit based upon my average consumption over the prior 12 months and BRWU shall make corrective water meter repairs at its expense.
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  5. Telephone: 800-826-5721
  6. Form 12 - Rev 11/25/19
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