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Pre-Contruction Meeting Check List and Signoff - Form 39

  1. Town & Country Utilities
  2. Pre-Contruction Meeting Check List and Signoff
  3. Babcock Ranch Water Utilities (“Utility”) is a division of the Babcock Ranch Community Independent Special District (“BRCISD”), which was established by action of the District’s Board of Supervisors (“Board”) with the adoption of Resolution 2017-08. The Utility, through MSKP Town and Country Utility, LLC (“TCU”), and Babcock Ranch Irrigation, LLC (“BRI”), operates and maintains the Utility System which provides Utility Service to Customers within the boundaries of the District, which includes the Babcock Ranch Community. The developer/builder (“Owner”) is the responsible party for the project and is required to follow all Utility requirements per the documents contained on the Utility’s website:

    To assist Owners, this document provides guidance on where to find the documents, policies and procedures related to the installation of water, sewer, and irrigation infrastructure within the Babcock Ranch Community. You are encouraged to visit the District’s web site ( and review this material prior to commencing your project. All forms and documents can be found at Below provides specific guidance on where to find the information to make your project a success.

    1. Correspondence
      1. All communication is to be directed to the Utility Inspections email:
    2. Construction Plans
      1. All Utility Construction Plans must be submitted to the District ten (10) days prior to the Pre-Construction Meeting.
    3. Repairs Prior to Utility Acceptance
      1. The Utility shall have access to the project site 24/7/365
      2. The Owner is responsible for all repairs prior to Utility Acceptance by the District 24/7/365, up to the point of connection
      3. In the event the Owner does not respond to a required repair immediately, the Utility will commence with repairs at the Owner’s expense
      4. Required repairs are determined at the sole discretion of the Utility
    4. Utility Locates Prior to Utility Acceptance
      1. The Utility is required to perform all locates. Until the Utility Acceptance Package has been
        submitted and approved by the District, all damage to the Utility System, including damage done as a result of inaccurate locates due to the lack of information on file with the District,
        will be the responsibility of the Owner. This includes but is not limited to all District, TCU and/or BRI labor and administrative expense, the cost of the repair, and any restoration or sampling required by the Utility in its sole discretion.
      2. Failure to call in locates per State of Florida requirements makes the Owner responsible for all
        damaged infrastructure including, but not limited to, the cost of repair, parts, labor, equipment,
        as well as third party contractor costs and restoration
    5. Utility Valves
      1. Only Utility staff are authorized to open, close, or adjust Utility owned valves
    6. Temporary Meters
      1. Temporary meters are available upon request by filling out and submitting the online form: Temporary-Utility-Servic-68
      2. After the temporary meter is no longer needed, the Owner is responsible to discontinue temporary service by filling out and submitting the online form: Termination-Form-3-62
      3. Temporary potable meters are provided and installed by the Utility. Connection to the System must include a properly sized and certified backflow device, which is to be provided by the Owner.
      4. Proof of backflow certification must be presented to the Utility prior to connection
      5. The Owner must notify the Utility forty-eight (48) hours before filling lines or flushing with
        anticipated start and completion time, duration and quantity of water to be used.
    7. 1st Permanent Water Meter Requirements
      1. Before any service connection is made, the following requirements shall be satisfied: Meter-Checklist---Form-16-PDF
      2. Water meters may be installed upon District receipt and approval of the documentation listed
        on the First Permanent Water Meter Check List. Note: The completed Utility Acceptance Package must be received and approved by the District six (6) months after the first permanent
        water meter is installed or 50% of the total number of Potable meters planned, is installed, whichever comes first. Package---Form-17-PDF
    8. System Testing
      1. All bacteriological and pressure testing locations must be highlighted on the plans and provided
        to the District.
    9. Installation of Permanent Meters
      1. The Owner must fill out the Initial Connection Application for Utility Service: Connection-Application-for-Utili-60
      2. The Owner must adhere to all requirements in the Babcock Ranch Water Utilities Policies
      3. After payment is made, the Owner shall contact the Utility to schedule an inspection 48 hours in advance of the physical inspection using the Utility Inspections email address:
    10. Cross Connection Control
      1. The Owner shall follow all conditions of the Utility Cross Connection Control Policy:
    11. Inspections
      1. The Utility Inspector shall have access to the project site 24/7/365 and will inspect the quality of the work conducted as well as adherence to the Utility policies
      2. Connections to the meters or sewer laterals must be witnessed by the Utility Inspector
      3. A 48 hour notice must be provided to the Utility using the Utility Inspection email address:
      4. The Owner shall conform and adhere to all conditions in the Utility Specifications:
    12. Lift Station Communication
      1. Ensure all fiber optic communication is ran to the lift stations and the DFS is communicating before requesting a final walkthrough.
    13. UAP Submittals
      1. The Owner must submit all required documentation:
      2. The Owner must designate individual/s responsible for uploading files by providing their name/s and email address/es on the Pre-Construction Sign in Sheet
      3. That person will receive an invitation to the shared site to read and upload files. Note: the invitation might go to a spam folder, so please check if the invitation has not been received 24 hours after the Pre-Construction meeting
      4. A Microsoft account associated with the email address is required to access the shared site
    14. FDEP Correspondence
      1. Please copy the District at on all FDEP correspondence, including all applications
      2. A highlighted drawing of the section of the system being applied for must accompany the application
    15. Final Inspection
      1. Per DSM Volume 1, upon completion of all development required under the approved site development plan, or phase thereof, an inspection must be performed by the EOR his designated representative. Upon finding the development to be completed and in substantial compliance with the approved site development plan documents, the EOR must submit a signed and sealed letter of substantial compliance as well as accurate record drawings to the District along with a final inspection request. The record drawings must comply with the DSM.
    16. Warranty Phase
      1. The Owner must ensure that the utilities installed are kept in the same condition as when accepted for operation by the District, less normal wear, for a period of one (1) year from the date of acceptance by the District
      2. At the eleventh (11th) month of the warranty period, the District will do an inspection and notify the Owner of any items needing to be addressed by the end of the warranty period.
  4. Pre-Construction Sign in Sheet
  5. Attendees
  6. Upload and Read Rights to the Shared Site (Owner and Consultant)
  7. Emergency Afterhours Contact
  8. Attendees
  9. Babcock Ranch Water Utilities – New Construction / Development
  10. Form – 39 Rev 7/1/2021
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