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  1. Builder Information

  2. Application Revision ($37)

  3. Contact Name (If Different than Above)

  4. Property Information

  5. Lot Address

  6. Application Checklist

  7. Architectural Plans

  8. Site Plans (NAVD 88)

  9. Attached in PDF format (signed and sealed by a registered professional within the state of Florida)

  10. Landscape Plans

  11. Site Plans (NAVD 88) Shows Lot Corner & Mid-Point Grades, & Grades Adjacent to Structure

  12. Site Plans Must Show the Proposed Finish Floor Elevation & Garage/Porch/Lanai Elevations

  13. Driveway Aprons Shown are Concrete

  14. All Easements are Shown & Labeled

  15. Site Plans Show Dimensions from Building Corners Perpendicular to Lot Lines

  16. Accessory Structure(s) (Must be Shown & with Dimensions)

  17. Payment Option is on the Next Page

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