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Re-Inspection: Right of Way

  1. Builder Information
  2. Contact Name (If Different than Above)
  3. Property Information
  4. Lot Address
  5. Building Permit Information
  6. Application Checklist
  7. As-Built Survey Depicts All Building Corner & Midpoint Grades
  8. As-Built Survey Depicts All Property Corner & Midpoint Grades
  9. As-Built Survey Depicts Sidewalk Grades, Structure Grades, Road Grades
  10. As-Built Survey Depicts Finish Floor Elevation & Garage/Porch/Lanai Elevations
  11. Dimensions from the Structure(s) Perpendicular to the Lot Lines are Shown
  12. All Easements are Shown & Labeled
  13. As-Built Survey
  14. Payment Option is on the Next Page
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