Builders APP

The Babcock Ranch Community Independent Special District (ISD or District) will perform a Site Plan Review (in addition to the County site plan review) for your permit application(s), and the Line and Grade Review (ROW inspection) required for your Charlotte County Final C/O.

Site Plan Reviews

These are performed as a part of the Design Review Process by the Babcock Ranch Architectural Review Committee (ARC) prior to construction. An ARC Approval Letter must accompany your new construction permit application(s) at the time they are submitted to Charlotte County.

Right of Way Inspection

Right of Way (ROW) Inspections will be performed by the ISD and not Charlotte County. Fees for the ROW inspection will be collected by the ISD and not Charlotte County. The roads within the Babcock Ranch Community are dedicated to the ISD, the local government for the Babcock Ranch Community. Kimley Horn (the District Engineer) performs the ROW inspection on behalf of the ISD that would typically be performed by Charlotte County. This ROW Inspection is included as a review under your building permit and shown as the “Babcock Final”.