All Towns Aren't Created Equal

In fact, most towns aren't created at all. They just happen. The decade of careful planning that preceded the first turn of a shovel at Babcock Ranch is just one of the countless ways Babcock Ranch sets itself apart. With a seamless melding of modern technology and timeless hometown charm - all nestled within expansive natural spaces - the world's first solar-powered town provides a whole new way of life. 

We invite you to explore all that Babcock Ranch has to offer.


Babcock Ranch is an eco-centric new town embedded in nature and powered by the sun, by innovation, and by the great outdoors. It is a place to live with purpose, passion, and energy, a place that inspires individuals and families to create their futures in their own way.

Downtown Babcock Ranch will be the heart and soul of the town designed to foster the personal connection, personal well-being and lifelong learning opportunities that are the core of the town's way of life.

Places of learning and exploration, a wellness center, restaurants, specialty retail shops, a locally grown produce market, and indoor and outdoor gathering places will convey a comforting Main Street ambiance that invites the town's residents to come as they are and enjoy all the downtown offers.


Lake Timber is the first community of Babcock Ranch. Lake Timber offers a choice of custom built lakefront residences, single-family porch homes with front or rear garages, or multifamily townhomes and condominiums, all minutes from the Downtown District.

Situated on the banks of its namesake, the Lake Timber neighborhood epitomizes the Town and Country lifestyle Kitson has fashioned at Babcock Ranch. Lake Timber's residences line streetscapes dotted with parks. 

Connecting with Nature

Residents have many opportunities to connect with nature:

  • Babcock Ranch's first town garden
  • A dog park
  • Lakefront green spaces and pathways
  • A lakeside fishing dock
  • An observation deck
  • Trailhead facilities

Lake Timber's Lake House neighborhood center includes a lakefront pool, barbecue area, and playground. The Lake Timber neighborhood is a short walk or bike ride from Babcock's Downtown District and Founder's Square, a lakefront green space that will serve as a town-wide gathering place, the site of community events, concerts, and a place to simply relax and enjoy the lake views.

Dick Cuda Trail

Man on Bike on trail