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HOA Resident Forms

  1. Lakehouse Rental Agreement

    This is where you will find The Lakehouse Amenity Agreement and reservation form

  1. Resident Information Form

    Please fill out this form to obtain your amenities card

ISD Water Utilities

  1. Account Termination - Form 3

    To close your billing account please complete this form.

  2. Application for Temporary Utility Service - Form 27
  3. Drinking Water Investigation Form
  4. Initial Connection Application for Utility Service - Form 1
  5. Request for Meter Testing - Form 12
  6. Request for Utility Service Installation - Form 25
  7. Tenant Billing Request - Form 34
  8. Utility Services Change Request (*Seasonal Customers) - Form 2

    Please fill out this change of Mailing address form two weeks prior to next billing date.

  9. Water / Sewer and Irrigation Inspection Request - Form 23 (Online Form)
  1. Air Odor Complaint Form
  2. BRCISD Form Test

    Testing Form

  3. Excessive Usage Credit - Form 6
  4. Request for Letter of Availability - Form 19
  5. Request for Meter/Service Relocation - Form 22,,,,,,... More…

  6. TCU Customer Satisfaction Survey - Form 38

    Town and County Utilities would like your input on how the utility is being operated and managed

  7. Utility Service Application - Form 4
  8. Wastewater Usage Credit Application - Form 11

Resident Login Information Form

  1. Resident Login Information Form

    Resident's information form. Resident Information Form.